WildBrew™ Sour Pitch is a high-purity lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. Produces a clean and balanced citrus flavor profile suitable for both traditional and modern sour beer styles.

When inoculated under the right conditions, WildBrew™ Sour Pitch delivers consistent results, combined with a safe and easy way to handle bacteria in the brewery. The culture is suitable for various beer souring techniques, such as kettle souring. For best results the wort should ideally be unhopped or at very low IBU-levels.

Styles brewed with this bacteria include, but are not limited to, Berliner Weisse, Gose, lambic-style, American Wild, and Sour IPA.

Classified as Lactobacillus plantarum, a facultative hetero-fermentative strain (produces lactic acid, carbon dioxide and acetic acid or ethanol).

Dosage: 10 g / 100 l
Suitable pH at inoculation: >3.4
Temperature: 30 - 40 °C (86 - 104 °F)

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