Sanipro Rinse is a foaming, environment friendly, anionic acid based final rinse for sanitizing equipment. It is odour free, tasteless, does not leave any spots, and contains a corrosion inhibitor that makes it ideal for stainless steel and sensitive surfaces. The self foaming action allows the product to get in everywhere and do it's job. Stable across a very wide temperature range. 

Use it as a final rinse - rinsing with water afterwards is not necessary or recommended. Just let air dry. 

Tip: Always have a spray bottle pre mixed with diluted Sanipro at hand.

Made in Sweden.

1 cap (12,5 ml or 0,5 fl.oz) per 10 liters of water.
Recommended contact time is at least 1 minute.

5000 ml / 169 fl.oz

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