WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is a high-performance, high-purity lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. The Helveticus Pitch provide a slightly different sensory characteristics than Lactobacillus plantarum, described as a more intense citrusy flavor

WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch produces an intense and sharp citrus flavor profile typical of both traditional and modern sour beer styles. When inoculated at optimal temperature and the right conditions, it is a powerful, safe and easy way to handle bacteria for various beer souring techniques, such as a typical kettle souring process. Besides providing an outstanding performance, WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is capable of delivering consistent results for brewers.

Styles brewed with this bacteria include, but are not limited to, Berliner Weisse, Gose, lambic-style, American Wild, and Sour IPA.

Classified as Lactobacillus helveticus, a facultative hetero-fermentative strain (produces lactic acid, carbon dioxide and acetic acid or ethanol).

Inoculation: 10 g / 100 l
Suitable pH at inoculation: >3.4
Optimum fermentation temperature: 38 - 45 °C (100 - 113 °F)
Producer: Lallemand

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